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Make Your Style Statement with Sweatshirts

Are you looking for something chic but athletic? Pick the right sweatshirt as one of your best casual outfits even during summers. It is easy to take care of while giving much-needed comfort to the wearer. Stylish sweatshirts for men are seasonless and flattering to every body shape to layer with other clothing items. So, whether you are looking for street style or a smart-casual look, sweatshirts can be your wardrobe staple.

It’s a Versatile Wardrobe Essential

The rack of your wardrobe might have been filled with all the essential clothing items like formal or casual shirts and pants in your preferred color. Now, what to do with the sweatshirts for men? Well, you can team it with other clothing items like jackets in winters or you can wear it as a feature piece during the summer months.

The Trailblazer in the Fashion Industry

Sweatshirts have just concealed the line between fashion and sportswear. As a result, the term athleisure is so popular nowadays, where the logos and funny quotes are showing up with some interesting fashion sense.

How to Wear a Sweatshirt

  • Dress it Up: A clean-cut sweatshirt for men goes well to carry the smart-casual looks. While wearing slim-fitting grey style chinos or denim, white sneakers or casual shoes like loafer or derby will perfectly pair with your bottom wear. You can also layer a sweatshirt under a jacket or coat. Winter sweatshirts for men work well with the most casual suits, whereas leather jackets, formal overcoats, or bomber jackets will look much better on them.
  • Dress it Down: Sweatshirts work well as oversized, neutral when worn as loungewear to feel comfortable on the go. In recent times, sweatshirts have been dominating the catwalk collections, where the logos are being sprawled across everything right from slides to hoodies.

While trying the collection from Actimaxx, you can focus on block colors and big logos which are styled with jeans or joggers for men.

Sweatshirt Trends That You Must Bag from Actimaxx

It has gone long when winter sweatshirts for men were referred to as only workwear. Currently, they are part of casual wear and street-style genres too. Here are some basic styles you will find worth exploring at Actimaxx

  • Big Logos: Sweatshirts with big logos has gained a lot of popularity, as the sportspeople love the way they carry their pride for their favorite team or moment as printed on their chest. Designers at Actimaxx do the same thing by putting the loud streetwear look with some brand message or some basic prints.
  • Color pop: If your wardrobe is filled with some basic solid colors like navy, black, or grey, then introducing some flash of colors with sweatshirts can blow the all-new freshness. Since you can use the mens’ stylish sweatshirts as mid-layer clothing under the jacket, it becomes easy to experiment with some basic colors like olive green, yellow or blue.

Don’t Confuse Between a Sweater and Sweatshirt!

Well, it may sound surprising, but this actually happens to a lot of people that they confuse sweatshirts as sweaters. However, the basic difference between sweaters and sweatshirts comes in the method of making them. The wearer can understand the difference upon wearing them.

  • Whereas sweaters are crocheted or knitted, sweatshirts are not made in the same way.
  • Sweaters are only meant to keep you warm, whereas sweatshirts can be worn alone or can be teamed with other clothing items to go well according to the weather or occasion.
  • The best part about the sweatshirt is that they can absorb sweat well, which makes them desirable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • You might have noticed that sweatshirt is serged, whereas sweater seams are finished by weaving together to prevent raveling.
  • In sweaters, you may find the front open style, whereas sweatshirts don’t have one.
  • The back and the inside of the sweatshirt are brushed carefully to make it softer and comfier on the skin, whereas a sweater is made to be soft and comfy right at the time of production.
  • In a good-quality sweatshirt, you will find two layers, whereas the sweater will have just one layer throughout.

Whether you are wearing a mens’ sweatshirt for winters or summers, it’s completely your choice and it completely depends on how you wear them. Sweatshirts are engineered to absorb perspiration and keep you warm while allowing you to cool down gradually. As a result, you may wear them till it’s hot outside.

Lastly, it is regardless to say that choosing a sweatshirt for men is just like choosing a t-shirt, which comes with a limitless option. Before deciding a particular style from Actimaxx, just go through the look and feel that have been there from the start.

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