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How Polo TShirts For Men Made Their Mark in Fashion Industry

A polo t-shirt is a classic timeless piece that comes up to mind, whenever we are in doubt of what to wear. Though the traditional use of polo t-shirt for men was meant to wear exclusively on a polo match, today it has become the wardrobe essential for many.

The Origin and History of the Polo Shirt:

Today’s popular version of polo t-shirt can be attributed to tennis legend Rene Lacoste, who introduced the short-sleeved variant of the clothes that polo players wear. The fabric quality that was used in it was PIQUE.

Dating back to the time when exactly polo t-shirts for men has become popular in India, the sources claim its popularity in the 19th century in the city of Manipur in India. It was the time when people witnessed local polo matches and being part of this story, the players used to wear clothes made of thick cotton fabric with wide collars.

To avoid getting the collars on the face when riding, British players chose to fasten the collars with buttons, so that the collars don’t get in the way when they ride horses around.

Pointers to Remember When It Comes to Shopping for Polo T-Shirt:

If you have an impressive athletic body that you would love to flaunt, then picking one which will fit well according to the body shape is a must. Even if you have an average body type and looking for the right clothing item to boast your look overall, then buying a quality polo t-shirt online can ensure the look you are admiring for. All you have to do is pay attention to these few things-

  1. Find The Right Length and Cut:
    Someone who possesses a good physique should choose a polo t-shirt with short and tight-fitted sleeves. Also, the t-shirt length should be much shorter than usual for people who are fit enough to flaunt their bodies. For someone with a lean physique, buying a polo t-shirt online with loose sleeves should be the perfect pick.
  2. Look For the Right Fit and Size: It is quite important to find the right size and fit while choosing polo tees. All you have to do is go through the size chart provided at the site of the Actimaxx, where you will find the right size according to your height and shape.
  3. It Must Be Slim Fit:
    Polo shirts must be slim fitting but not a tight one. It is simple to check, where you will have to slide a finger between the skin and the sleeve, if your finger goes smooth, then you are on the right track towards buying your favourite tee.
  4. Look For Right Shoulder Width and Sleeve Length:
    Check for the shoulder seam of the polo t-shirt, whether it is sitting perfectly on your shoulder bone or not. Also, make sure that the length of the sleeves should come down to halfway to two-thirds of your biceps. In case you want to wear polo t-shirts alone for an occasion, slim-fitting sleeve length would go perfect.
  5. Choose the Material Carefully:
    Are you looking to buy corporate uniforms? If yes, then blended synthetic fabric will go right, as it is highly durable and stain-resistant. However, if you are a sportsperson and the purchase is for sole purpose then go for performance polo t-shirts for men made of lightweight cotton fabric which are specially made to cater to sweat and odor.
  6. Check For the Number of Pockets:
    When you are looking to buy polo t-shirts online, make sure it doesn’t feature a pocket. As the pockets will sag down upon gradual usage. At Actimaxx, you will find polo t-shirts online without pocket, due to which you can choose shirts in whichever colour or print you want without any worry.
  7. Know The Type of Collars:
    Polo t-shirts for men come with two types of collars, which are soft collars and shirt collars. Soft collars are quite sloppy and they tend to curl inside from the edges. On the other hand, shirt collars have an interlining which keeps the collar in place.

Polo tees should be in almost every man’s collection, as they are perfect clothes to wear in the summer and can also be worn by layering in cold weather. So, anytime you’re in a dilemma, look forward to donning a polo shirt for casual wear.

Styling Tips to Remember:

Polo t-shirts are not only the go-to choice of attire for Indian men on scorching summer days but also the attire that needs the least amount of effort to pull off. So right from using the t-shirt alone to layering it with other clothing items- you can upgrade your wardrobe to another level. Just keep these 2 things in mind when styling with polo tees.

  • Invest in Solid Colours: Sticking to basics, solid counterparts are quite popular nowadays while buying polo tshirts combo. Why not try Actimaxx solid tees with pair of washed jeans or Joggers of your choice. Always remember “less is more” as the golden fashion rule. The best part about solid colour is that you can layer it with unlimited options that you have stocked as your wardrobe staple.
  • Never Tuck In: If you do not wish to look older than your age, do not try tucking your polo tee into your pants. Rather, put on a light jacket or blazer over the tee for a smart casual look with the collar peeping out.

Anyhow, while choosing the best polo t-shirts online, remember this to be a reflection of yourself. It should state who you are and not how anyone tells you to look like. Just pick the colour and fit you are comfortable with.

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