How to Style With Track Pants This Summer

Track pants are a wardrobe staple that men search for while jogging, resting, or going for a casual appearance. Track pants are often made of materials that are comfortable, well-fitted, and lightweight. So, whether you’re going for a morning workout or spending leisurely afternoons on the sofa, track pants are a versatile piece of clothing.

How Track Pants Came Into the Fashion:

Emile Camuset, the creator of the world-famous sportswear company Le Coq Sportif, is credited with popularizing track pants in 1920. Originally, track pants were only a simple traditional jersey, but with time and fashion trials, they grew into a versatile clothing item.

Buying men’s track pants is not difficult; all you need are a few pointers to make the experience more efficient. So, when shopping for track pants, keep these four things in mind:

  • Consider the fabric’s comfort: When purchasing men’s track pants, don’t forget to look at the product’s material. Most individuals are aware of which fabric qualities make them comfortable and the ones they should avoid. Look for premium combed cotton-rich fabrics that are soft and long-lasting if comfort is a top consideration. Fabric, fittings, available colours, and size charts are all provided by online portals like Actimaxx. Furthermore, while searching for track pants online, you will have a variety of options to choose from.
  • Take a look at how the track pants fit: Track pants should not be too tight or too loose. The track pant should hug your legs snugly. Exercise or strenuous activities need a lot of bodily movement, and you don’t want your clothing to get in the way of your activities. To get the ideal fit for you, look for an online sizing chart or try options at physical stores.
  • Check if the fabric is breathable: Working out for long durations might make your bottom region sweaty. You will be fatigued and frustrated if you do not wear pants made of breathable fabric. When shopping for men’s track pants, opt for clothes that will rapidly absorb perspiration and make your training less stressful.
  • The elasticity of Track Pants: Choose items from a recognised brand like Actimaxx rather than the cheapest one to ensure your track pants have adequate elasticity. If your textiles aren’t robust enough, you won’t be able to stretch as much as you’d like. As a result of the inexpensive textiles used, you may wind up ripping your pants. Fortunately, branded track pants with high-quality elastic will save you from having to re-adjust your pants after each stretch.

Types of Track Pants Men Can Try:

Track pants, like men’s fashion, are always evolving.

Apart from being worn daily, track pants are making a fashion statement in a variety of styles. Check them listed below:-

  • Smart Track Pants: Smart track pants are made to match the natural curve of your leg, with a tapered waist and wider calves. Smart track pants have a relaxed fit that is neither too skin-tight nor too baggy, in terms of both style and comfort. It will offer you a semi-formal style with the look of trousers. This bottom may be worn with a t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. A classy leather watch completes the ensemble.
  • Everyday Track Pants: Nobody wants to give up their everyday comfort, especially when it comes to clothing that sits near to the skin. So, no matter how you spend your day, daily track pants offer unmatched flexibility and comfort while maintaining a casual appearance for hangouts or travel.
  • Sporty Track Pants: Track pants are useful for a variety of activities, including jogging, exercising, and engaging in demanding activities. Track pants may also be worn to carry a gym vibe. Slim-fit track pants are not only fashionable but also highly comfortable, providing the essential stretch for working out. When worn with a lightweight t-shirt and skin-hugging track pants with cuffed bottom hems, you’ll feel athletic. To finish the outfit, choose a pair of athletic shoes or sneakers.

How to Pair Your Track Pants:

There are countless ways how you can style your track pants. Be it an everyday look or a smart casual look, you can pull off any style by properly dressing up or dressing down and here are a few styling tips to follow:

  • Sweatshirt and Track Pants: With the rising trend of athleisure wear, the combination of track pants and sweatshirts came up as a favourite option of late. Whether you want to roam down the street or head for a casual meet up with friends, sweatshirts with track pants can never go wrong. All you have to take care of the colour combination and pair the right shoes to complete the look.
  • T-Shirt and Track Pants: Do you want to create a cool and comfortable look? Pair track pants with t-shirts to create a basic yet smart casual look. Pick a well-fitted t-shirt to team with cuffed hem track pants for a tidy look. The colour combination of black and grey, black and blue, and so on can give you a classic look.
  • Track Jacket and Track Pants: Are you looking to create sportswear appeal? If yes, then track pants go hand-in-hand to bring the athletic vibe. All you have to do is pull off the look with confidence while balancing it with white sneakers.
  • Hoodies and Track Pants: When you pair hoodies with track pants, it not only keeps you warm but also gives you a stylish look. Whether it takes some activities to complete errands or just a casual day out in winter, everyday track pants can give you the necessary casual look with a zipper or pullover hoodie.
  • Denim Jacket and Track Pants: A lot of men admire the casual yet dressed up look and opt for pairing a denim jacket with track pants. All you have to make sure that the colour of your denim jacket must compliment the colour of your track pants and finally balance the look with sneakers.
  • Polo T-Shirts and Track Pants: The combination of polo t-shirts and track pants can give you a much needed sporty look. For a casual look, opt for light-weight track pants or go for a heavy fabric if you want a polished look. If your track pant is in a plain dark colour, balance out this look with a printed polo t-shirt and make yourself stand out in the crowd.
  • Bomber Jackets and Track Pants: There are some versatile clothing you will never regret having in your wardrobe collection, and a bomber jacket is one of them. While giving you a calm and athleisure vibe, it gives you an edgy look. Pair a black bomber jacket with a t-shirt and track pants, while finishing the look with sneakers or sliders.

While we’re on the subject, track pants are one of the best apparel alternatives for males. Track pants may be used for more than just running or exercising. They can even be worn when resting at home. When in doubt, add a blazer for a trendy appearance, and keep your favourite sneakers on hand to go with your track trousers.