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About our


Built for more than fit. Made for beyond physical.

What we wear influences how we feel in all sorts of ways. And what feel influences what we do in. These are the two maxims that get our motors rolling.

Every piece we make, has all the usual trappings of clothing for men. But Actimaxx is more than that. We’re about breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear and bringing a new perspective on apparel.

Because we know that life bleeds in, even in fitness. So, to be body fit, first you have to feel fit in the mind. Actimaxx is committed to that: to inspiring you to be holistically balanced individuals.

We make clothes for doers, believers and path breakers. With the spirit of challenging the conventional, our active leisure wear range is an integration of soul, mind and body fitness.

Our Story

Our Story - Living the Actimaxx Way

Living the Actimaxx Way 

Get the fundamentals right by living intentionally and with thought and care.

Health and fitness are lifelong crafts. So, count the moments, not the steps.

Nothing well done is insignificant. So, be in constant pursuit of excellence.

Walking in the right direction is more important than speed. So, find the right one.

Never compare yourself to who someone else is today, but who you were yesterday.

Honour not just physical health, but also emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual.

About Actimaxx

Investing in unified health

Our vision at Actimaxx is simple. We invest in your holistic health by creating ridiculously comfortable, durable and well-made clothes. Because when you’re dressed well, you can focus on the important things in life.